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Are you looking for answers to your air conditioning questions? 
Find them in our Frequently Asked Questions.
The cost differs depending on the room sizes in your home, how many AC units you require and how much labour and materials would be needed as each Installation is different. For an accurate cost, we offer a free no obligation site survey which can be arranged by emailing info@nwclimate.co.uk or calling 01744886555.

What’s involved in the installation is dependent on certain factors and is likely to be slightly different on each job. However, a site survey of the space requiring air conditioning is likely to be done before works begin to obtain a cost for the client, this is then when our engineers can explain exactly what is going to be involved during the installation if you proceed.

This is dependent on the above question and what is involved. Some AC jobs require more work than others, however, this will be discussed after the site survey has been completed and the client will be informed how long the installation should take but some can be as quick as 1 day.

It is recommended that every Air Conditioning unit is serviced twice a year (once every 6 months) to keep it running as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. In between services, customers are also recommended to clean AC filters every 3 months, again to ensure the highest possible efficiency.  

NWCS offer a preventative maintenance quotation to every one of their clients upon completion of the AC install which provides a cost for two pre-planned AC services and ensures that the units remain within their warranty terms and conditions.

Yes! AC units are available in several different colours to suit customer preferences.

Yes, modern technology now means that AC units can of course be controlled from an app on your smartphone. The app includes all the features that the AC remote control has and allows you to perform the same actions which is a great alternative if you’re a person who regularly loses the remote control.

When operating AC units cause very minimal if not no noise.

Yes, air conditioning is more economical than central heating, however, the saving will depend on how much you use it. Air conditioning systems can produce 3 kilowatts of heat for each kilowatt of electricity that it uses which is impressive when compared to the 1 kilowatt that central heating can produce for the same amount of energy.

In the short term, there is going to be an initial investment into buying and installing the air conditioning system, however, in the long term this does work out as the more cost-effective option and return on investment is guaranteed.

AC units can be used to produce both cold and warm air killing two birds with one stone. They are very useful in the summer season to cool down indoor areas to a comfortable bearable temperature and vice versa for winter periods; they can quickly heat indoor areas taking the winter chill away.

To arrange a free no-obligation quotation, site survey or for any other enquiries: Call – 01744 886555 Email – info@nwclimate.co.uk. Once the necessary information has been obtained or the site survey has been completed, a quotation can be provided along with the estimated duration of the job.

If our FAQs didn’t answer your questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.



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