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NWCS’ team of Expert Engineers are backed by years of experience when it comes to the supply and installation of high-quality cellar cooling systems that can achieve temperatures down to 4 degrees. Cellar cooling systems take advantage of open spaces creating a walk-in cellar refrigerator; the indoor units can be wall or ceiling-mounted to maximise space and suit your specific requirements.
This type of cooling solution creates a temperature-controlled environment most suited to settings such as beer/wine cellars, florists and fruit and vegetable stores. Having worked alongside the hospitality industry for several years, we understand how crucial it is to store certain products at the correct temperatures for preservation and longevity and understand that even slight shifts in temperature can mean wasted stock, which can be detrimental to a business.

Therefore, NWCS only work with trusted suppliers, ensuring you receive the best quality equipment with expert installation at affordable prices.


How Does a COOLING UNIT Work ?

Now you know what they do, it is important to understand how they work, and how they have become a vital part of pub cellar equipment. A cellar cooling unit is mainly comprised of two parts, the cooling system and the fan.

The cooling system works like how a radiator inside your home works, with thin metal pipes circulating hot water through them. In this case, instead of hot water, they circulate chilled water through them. Warm external air is forced through the system by the fans and chilled by the cooling system. The chilled, condensed air is then distributed around the room by the fan.

Cellar cooling systems contain a temperature gauge that records the temperature of the room. If the temperature starts to rise past the set temperature the cooling system is turned on, and vice versa, if it starts to drop it is turned off. The fan is constantly on, as it not only distributes cool air around the room but expels warm air out of the room, maintaining the cellar temperature more efficiently.

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